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F is for Friend – celebrating today
R Reliable, true – he’s travelled Life’s way.
A Alert – he shows interest in Tennis and “Les Girls”.
N Ninety-one – he’s still young as each day unfurls.
K Kind, and a smile he shares with us all.

Greetings! Dear Friend
On this wonderful day.
Uncle Frank, we all give you
Loud Cheers – and we pray
Days of Joy and Good Health will be yours for ‘aye.

Tennis Party

The courts are clear – the games are done.
We’ve ended the year – some lost, some won.
We treasure those days with friends who share
In our moments of Joy and moments of Care.
Tho’ ’tis only a game which is played out there,
Like Life, it has highlights and utter despair.
To Frank Gould, a fond welcome we wish to extend.
O’er the years he has been MORE than just a dear friend.
And we need Faith and Friendship to carry us through
So may God bless your Christmas and New Year too.

H.J.B. 1982