Cron’s Chronical – 25 January 1987

1. The Beach was white ribbon in the Moonlight
The wind-blown sand swirled o’er the dune
The Rooikrans creaked with the wind’s might
And the Dairyman whistled a tune.
For the Dairyman came riding – sounding all forlorn
As the Dairyman came riding – before the break of dawn.

2. Now the Dairyman’s son was a strapping man
Fair of face and tall and young
And his crop of hair would flop as he ran
And his voice was loud and strong
And the Dairyman came riding – with a clank of cans, in a cart
And the Dairyman came riding – with a happy song in his heart.

3. Now this lad he joined the Navy
To sweep up the enemy’s mines
He drove all the Fish Hoek girls crazy
You’d have thought that he owned Silvermine
And the Sailorman came sailing – over the rolling sea
And the Sailorman came sailing – a son of the SA Navy.

4. When this lad was a Stellenbosch “Matie”
He discovered a “Maties” dream
Love was true – he was hale and hearty
And he knew that he’d found precious “Cream”
As Dairyman he came riding – took Corrie into his arms
As Dairyman he came riding – succumbing to her charms.

5. Now many a Party, and Dance we’ve seen
Where the music’s been something grand
For a favourite old song of Cron’s has been
That rousing – “McNamara’s Band”
So the Dairyman comes riding – now in a diesel van
And the Dairyman delivers milk in bottles instead of a can.

6. To all Cron’s humour and wit is known
And his chuckling laugh is heard
As he serves the Community of our town
And his friendship is much revered.
Now the Dairyman comes gliding – guiding an electric horse
And our milk is now delivered in a plastic bag – of course.

7. So we’re gathered now in this Highway domain
To toast Cron for the years that have gone
And we wish him well for the years that remain
May the way be sure and long.
So the Dairyman comes homeward to this Haven with a view
To look down and savour memories of the valley that he knew.

Christmas 1986

The tension grows, the sleigh bells ring
As Santa rides the skies again
The Sleigh is piled high with toys
For all those little Girls and Boys
And the Bells all ring – Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling
Then Christmas Day dawns bright and clear
And suddenly we hear a cheer
For all those stockings have been found
And Father Christmas has been around
And the Bells all ring – Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling
The family now all gathers around
To join in the cheerful sound
Of laughter, as the Crackers bang
And in the town the Church Bells clang
And the Bells all ring – Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling
Give Thanks for all the food we eat
As once again we all can meet
To celebrate a Child’s Birth
Give thanks too for our Health and Mirth
And the Bells all ring – Ting-a-ling, Ting-a-ling.

January 10th 1987 – 40th Anniversary

“We’ve been together now for forty years
And it don’t seem a day too much
There ain’t a Lady living in the Land
As I’d swap for me dear old Dutch”

The Music Hall
Has said it all
In Stan Holloway’s old Ditty
We’ve had oodles of fun
It’s been Love in the Sun
And there’s been enough dough in the Kitty.

Now you’ve all gathered here
At this Antique Fair
To share in our grand celebration
And, with friends old and true
Who could ever be blue
Though we feel like a past generation.

In valuable all – and treasured like gold
Still youthful, with zest and not really so old
Tho’ we’ve weathered some storms – with trepidation
Silver threads here and there
Some quite thin – some quite bare
You have shared in our trial and tribulation.

I expect you’ll recall that memorable day
Summer ’47 – now so far away
When Enid and I “Hitched our wagon to a star”
And blithely set off on our honeymoon.
“Don’t fence me in” – as Bing would croon
While with Toothpaste Graffiti they lathered my car.

So the years come and go
We have seen families grow
Their achievements brought much satisfaction
And Enid’s been there
To Love and to Care
And to guide us through each new situation.

Grand Children we now have
To enjoy and to Love
They’re a light to brighten dull spaces
‘Tween trips here and abroad
And those times when we’ve bored
Such exuberant life in their faces.

What a Life its been, dear
Ups and downs here and there,
But I must end this long recitation.
‘Twas a song at the start
So with song must depart
“Temptation” – “Jealousy” – “Fascination”.

‘Tis the last Dance – “Dearest Dear”
“Good night Sweetheart” – I declare
That you’ve been my life’s “Inspiration”
“Always”, “Dreaming of Thee” and that “Lovely Weekend”
You’ve been companion and nurse and lover and friend
An exhilarating success and “Sensation”.

Life’s Seasons

Gray scudding bank, ethereal mist
Fled bewildered ‘fore the rising wind
Hastening early fading of the day
And heralding a dark and wintery night.

Quiet breaks the dawn, a watery sun
Peers through the veil to warm expectant earth
And suddenly – new growth is there
Awakening to a newborn Spring.

Maturing, luxuriant, all Life expands.
Moves on to highest limits of Summer’s glorious days
To reap the golden harvest of exultant youth
To watch their searching trail thro’ life’s meandering ways.

So past the peak, the pinnacle at last
As Summer fades and Autumn’s chill creeps in.
We dream of faded memories, of tragedy, of joy
And growing old – and Winter comes again.

Now through the dark a beckoning light beams forth.
Faith brightly glows and soothes our anxious fears
Leading to Glory and unending Peace
And God erases the rough passage of the passing years.



F is for Friend – celebrating today
R Reliable, true – he’s travelled Life’s way.
A Alert – he shows interest in Tennis and “Les Girls”.
N Ninety-one – he’s still young as each day unfurls.
K Kind, and a smile he shares with us all.

Greetings! Dear Friend
On this wonderful day.
Uncle Frank, we all give you
Loud Cheers – and we pray
Days of Joy and Good Health will be yours for ‘aye.

Tennis Party

The courts are clear – the games are done.
We’ve ended the year – some lost, some won.
We treasure those days with friends who share
In our moments of Joy and moments of Care.
Tho’ ’tis only a game which is played out there,
Like Life, it has highlights and utter despair.
To Frank Gould, a fond welcome we wish to extend.
O’er the years he has been MORE than just a dear friend.
And we need Faith and Friendship to carry us through
So may God bless your Christmas and New Year too.

H.J.B. 1982

30th Wedding Anniversary 10-1-1976

Our 30 Year Wedding Cake has matured and gained in richness with age, except for two main ingredients – Enid and I. I suppose you can say that we lend bulk and substance to the mixture. Others have assisted in its success. Duncan and Glynis have added the spice and flavour and, at times, much colour.
The gift of wonderful friends has leavened out the rough passages and the whole has been wrapped in a peaceful white smoothness, broken here and there, with some rough squalls at the edge.
To lighter things – a riddle. What is it a married couple can never get enough of? Wardrobe space! After 30 years that is still a bone of contention.
Our friendship with you all goes back with some to school days, with some to the war years and with all the sharing of Joys and Troubles over many years in Fish Hoek. We are thrilled to include Mona and Somerled in this circle and to Glynis and Ian – our congratulations on 1/360th part of our anniversary. My grateful thanks to Enid for producing the right mixture. We regret the absence of Lex and Bunty through illness.
My sincere thanks to Cron for his unique method of proposing the toast and many thanks to you all for sharing so much with us over the years.
Speech made at the dinner held at the Nico Malan Restaurant.

A collections of tour poems and verses and office Christmas party doggerel written by Howard J. Bates