30th Wedding Anniversary 10-1-1976

Our 30 Year Wedding Cake has matured and gained in richness with age, except for two main ingredients – Enid and I. I suppose you can say that we lend bulk and substance to the mixture. Others have assisted in its success. Duncan and Glynis have added the spice and flavour and, at times, much colour.
The gift of wonderful friends has leavened out the rough passages and the whole has been wrapped in a peaceful white smoothness, broken here and there, with some rough squalls at the edge.
To lighter things – a riddle. What is it a married couple can never get enough of? Wardrobe space! After 30 years that is still a bone of contention.
Our friendship with you all goes back with some to school days, with some to the war years and with all the sharing of Joys and Troubles over many years in Fish Hoek. We are thrilled to include Mona and Somerled in this circle and to Glynis and Ian – our congratulations on 1/360th part of our anniversary. My grateful thanks to Enid for producing the right mixture. We regret the absence of Lex and Bunty through illness.
My sincere thanks to Cron for his unique method of proposing the toast and many thanks to you all for sharing so much with us over the years.
Speech made at the dinner held at the Nico Malan Restaurant.

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