Cron’s Chronical – 25 January 1987

1. The Beach was white ribbon in the Moonlight
The wind-blown sand swirled o’er the dune
The Rooikrans creaked with the wind’s might
And the Dairyman whistled a tune.
For the Dairyman came riding – sounding all forlorn
As the Dairyman came riding – before the break of dawn.

2. Now the Dairyman’s son was a strapping man
Fair of face and tall and young
And his crop of hair would flop as he ran
And his voice was loud and strong
And the Dairyman came riding – with a clank of cans, in a cart
And the Dairyman came riding – with a happy song in his heart.

3. Now this lad he joined the Navy
To sweep up the enemy’s mines
He drove all the Fish Hoek girls crazy
You’d have thought that he owned Silvermine
And the Sailorman came sailing – over the rolling sea
And the Sailorman came sailing – a son of the SA Navy.

4. When this lad was a Stellenbosch “Matie”
He discovered a “Maties” dream
Love was true – he was hale and hearty
And he knew that he’d found precious “Cream”
As Dairyman he came riding – took Corrie into his arms
As Dairyman he came riding – succumbing to her charms.

5. Now many a Party, and Dance we’ve seen
Where the music’s been something grand
For a favourite old song of Cron’s has been
That rousing – “McNamara’s Band”
So the Dairyman comes riding – now in a diesel van
And the Dairyman delivers milk in bottles instead of a can.

6. To all Cron’s humour and wit is known
And his chuckling laugh is heard
As he serves the Community of our town
And his friendship is much revered.
Now the Dairyman comes gliding – guiding an electric horse
And our milk is now delivered in a plastic bag – of course.

7. So we’re gathered now in this Highway domain
To toast Cron for the years that have gone
And we wish him well for the years that remain
May the way be sure and long.
So the Dairyman comes homeward to this Haven with a view
To look down and savour memories of the valley that he knew.

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