January 10th 1987 – 40th Anniversary

“We’ve been together now for forty years
And it don’t seem a day too much
There ain’t a Lady living in the Land
As I’d swap for me dear old Dutch”

The Music Hall
Has said it all
In Stan Holloway’s old Ditty
We’ve had oodles of fun
It’s been Love in the Sun
And there’s been enough dough in the Kitty.

Now you’ve all gathered here
At this Antique Fair
To share in our grand celebration
And, with friends old and true
Who could ever be blue
Though we feel like a past generation.

In valuable all – and treasured like gold
Still youthful, with zest and not really so old
Tho’ we’ve weathered some storms – with trepidation
Silver threads here and there
Some quite thin – some quite bare
You have shared in our trial and tribulation.

I expect you’ll recall that memorable day
Summer ’47 – now so far away
When Enid and I “Hitched our wagon to a star”
And blithely set off on our honeymoon.
“Don’t fence me in” – as Bing would croon
While with Toothpaste Graffiti they lathered my car.

So the years come and go
We have seen families grow
Their achievements brought much satisfaction
And Enid’s been there
To Love and to Care
And to guide us through each new situation.

Grand Children we now have
To enjoy and to Love
They’re a light to brighten dull spaces
‘Tween trips here and abroad
And those times when we’ve bored
Such exuberant life in their faces.

What a Life its been, dear
Ups and downs here and there,
But I must end this long recitation.
‘Twas a song at the start
So with song must depart
“Temptation” – “Jealousy” – “Fascination”.

‘Tis the last Dance – “Dearest Dear”
“Good night Sweetheart” – I declare
That you’ve been my life’s “Inspiration”
“Always”, “Dreaming of Thee” and that “Lovely Weekend”
You’ve been companion and nurse and lover and friend
An exhilarating success and “Sensation”.

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