Life’s Seasons

Gray scudding bank, ethereal mist
Fled bewildered ‘fore the rising wind
Hastening early fading of the day
And heralding a dark and wintery night.

Quiet breaks the dawn, a watery sun
Peers through the veil to warm expectant earth
And suddenly – new growth is there
Awakening to a newborn Spring.

Maturing, luxuriant, all Life expands.
Moves on to highest limits of Summer’s glorious days
To reap the golden harvest of exultant youth
To watch their searching trail thro’ life’s meandering ways.

So past the peak, the pinnacle at last
As Summer fades and Autumn’s chill creeps in.
We dream of faded memories, of tragedy, of joy
And growing old – and Winter comes again.

Now through the dark a beckoning light beams forth.
Faith brightly glows and soothes our anxious fears
Leading to Glory and unending Peace
And God erases the rough passage of the passing years.


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